About We The People

Like so many great innovations, We The People Processing started as a “bar napkin sketch”. The goal was…and is simple: Provide those who stand strong by their conservative world view, an option to avoid being “cancelled” by an ever growing number of payment processing companies bowing to the “cancel culture mob mentality”. Specifically, we wanted to provide proud American’s the ability to fight back when it comes to their businesses’ financial infrastructure.

Too many times already we’ve seen those who either sell items that are supportive of a patriotic world view or even those who express their own opinions in public forum “canceled” as a direct result. Often this “cancelation” can result in direct damage to a company’s or individuals’ financial infrastructure. We have all heard the stories of actions taken by companies such as PayPal, Stripe, GoFundMe, and others when it comes to certain individuals / groups. Once again, our goal is simple: Provide a viable, advantageous option for those being targeted by cancel culture, to take a stand. More importantly, to take back their ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. However… why stop there?

We The People also presents a number of options that the “big guys” simply can’t, or won’t. In addition to providing a cancel culture proof environment where no amount of political pressure will dictate who is or who is not approved to do business, we encourage those reading this to inquire about some additional options that we offer. Specifically, how to accept all card / transactions free of charge.

That said, We The People processing is proud to be on the cutting, leading edge of the “cancel culture backlash”. We are excited to present patriots with the options outlined on this site, and we are thrilled that we are able to employ this technology for the benefit of those who will truly appreciate it.

To learn more about We The People processing, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to illustrating how we are helping patriots take a stand against the ever encroaching reach of the “woke mobs”.