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In this section you can find answers to some of the more common questions that what receive.  If an answer to a question you may have is not listed here, by all means please feel free to make use of the form on the “contact us” page to get in touch. We pride ourselves on ensuring that both our clients and potential clients are well informed as possible. 

We the People Processing is a brand-new startup without a lot of history, so we ask that our potential clients keep this in mind: We The People Processing is an invention of functional necessity above all else. Simply put, patriotic Americans NEEDED a solution to the growing rate by which they were being “canceled” by their merchant services provider. We would like to say that this is an isolated problem, but the truth is that this discrimination has become common across all industries. As such, we have focused nearly all our efforts on developing an efficient, effective, and reliable payment processing system for all Americans.

Although we would love to use social media and the power of the Internet to broadcast our patriotic message and proudly offer our services, unfortunately, more than a few outspoken Americans already know how that would end…

Thus, instead of wasting resources on well-known, biased platforms, we choose to operate in our own space, completely independent of their influence. This allows our support staff and development team to remain focused on improving the services that we offer, continuing to help all of our clients remain “cancel proof”.

Still not sure? Please take a moment to view the “Endorsements” page and hear what some well-respected leaders within the patriotic American community have to say about us.

Because that is precisely why this company was created and how it was designed.

We The People Processing has made a tremendous effort to vet each component of the merchant services processing infrastructure for political neutrality. In other words, we only work with those who exhibit a sustained track record of zero political bias in their decision-making process.

Furthermore, We The People Processing is in full control of the life of your merchant account, and no one can close your account under our protection.

Our pledge to current and future clients is simple: To provide an environment where the free market remains free, and all Americans can do business regardless of their respective world views.

Nope. In nearly every instance, We The People Processing is a “drop in replacement” for your existing or former merchant services provider, meaning that you can use your existing equipment. In the rare event that your equipment isn’t compatible, or you simply want to upgrade your point of sale hardware, we have many no-cost options available. We The People Processing will guide you through each step of the onboarding process with a support team dedicated to your success.

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No. We The People Processing can provide direct connections with all major eCommerce shopping carts and systems, including WooCommerce and Shopify. If any compatibility issues do arise, a dedicated Support team is on standby to help.

We believe in giving every business owner the opportunity to conduct business in a safe, compliant environment without the fear of cancellation and endless problems with your money. 

If you are a retailer doing business in a controversial industry, we encourage you to get in touch with We The People Processing to learn how a custom built solution can help protect your business, your money, and your freedom.

We can help you navigate these tricky waters. Several of the founding partners of We The People Processing have experience in facilitating payments/donations for political campaigns, superPACs, and charities. In a world where more and more companies are flip-flopping their stance on social causes, political views, and business policies, We The People Processing is here to offer a stable, permanent payment solution.

We encourage those who represent charitable entities to make use of the “Contact Us” page to learn more about how We The People Processing can assist with your fundraising efforts.